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As AI begins the surprisingly fast process of taking of the world, it is only natural that Flow XO provide a powerful suite of AI tools. Conversational technology (chatbots) is among the most prominent use cases for AI, and AI can enhance nearly every aspect of the conversational experiences you create for your business.

While this article is about our suite of AI building block tasks, please note we also offer two other powerful AI toolkits you will probably want to use in your bots as well:

Knowledge Bases allow you to easily automate your customer service or other question and answer based flows by automatically reading your website (or your manually added reference data) and using an AI language model to answer questions based on that data.
Intent Detection is a technology that analyzes user input, and determines the users intention based on a set of predefined intentions you supply. This allows your users to interact with your bot using natural language questions or commands, determine which of your bot functions would most likely be suitable to their needs, and then route them to the appropriate workflow.

This article will discuss our more basic AI building block tools, available in the AI section of our task menu:

The AI toolkit provides the following tasks:

Detect Intent  (documentation) - given a piece of text (usually user input, but can be anything, including AI outputs), determine the pre-defined intent that best matches what the user is asking for

Detect Entities (documentation) - given a piece of text, automatically extract pieces of information, such as names, dates, account numbers, etc. This is particularly useful when building process automation flows in conjunction with intent detection. For example, if your user types "add credits to my account: me@example.com", intent detection can determine that the user wants to update their account, and entity extraction can extract the account identifier "me@example.com" so you don't have to ask your user again for information they already provided.

Complete Chat (documentation) - this is a low level task that allows you to interact with Open AI (either using Flow XO AI credits, or your own Open AI account if you are a paid user). Given a prompt, user input, and optional conversation history, generate an appropriate response. This task can be used in nearly any generative AI situation, and is best used by folks with some experience with large language models.

AI Tasks (documentation) - this is a set of pre-defined AI prompts that you can use to simplify using generative AI for specific use cases, such as answering user questions based on some predefined reference data or summarizing some text.

Translation (documentation) - use AI to detect the language of a piece of text, or translate text from one language to another

Detect Sentiment (documentation) - Determine if a piece of text is positive, negative, or neutral - useful in customer service scenarios or any other use case where you want to know the mood of the user based on what they are typing into your bot

Speech to Text (documentation) - Transcribe an audio clip into text

Text to Speech(documentation) - Convert text into an audio clip in a variety of voices

Generate Image(documentation) - Automatically create detailed and photorealistic images using text prompts

Please see the documentation for each individual task to understand how to use it in your own flows. Together, they provide a powerful set of capabilities you can use to make your chatbots more intelligent with less effort.

Happy flowing!

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