AI - Generate Image

The "Generate an Image" task will use AI to create an image based on a prompt. Here's an example:
Prompt: "A robot with Bob Ross hair painting a beautiful mountain stream"

Prompt - describe the image you want generated. A maximum of 4000 characters is supported, after that the prompt will be truncated.
Resolution - the size of the resulting image. Note that dall-e-2 cannot generate images larger than 1024x1024, and dall-e-3 cannot generate images less than 1024x1024
Style - the style. Either Vivid or Natural. Use "Vivid" for highly photo-realistic images, and Natural for things like illustrations, cartoons, sketches, etc.
HD - whether to use the slower and more expensive but higher quality "HD" mode
AI Connection - which AI connection you want to use. You can use Flow XO's AI connection and use AI credits, or you can use your own Open AI key.
Model - Which AI model to use. dall-e-3 is slower and more expensive, but generatels MUCH better images.
Automatically send the response -  whether the generated image should be immediately sent to the user
Show a typing indicator - whether a typing indicator should be shown when the AI begins processing

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