AI - Speech to Text

The "Speech to Text" action transcribes an audio clip using Open AI's Whisper technology.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your goal is to voice enable input to your chatbots, you don't need to use the Speech to Text task or modify your flows at all - you can do it one click with our automatic voice transcription feature:

To transcribe audio files into text, you need an audio file hosted somewhere on the internet, or you can use an audio file uploaded to one of your bots.

Audio File URL (required) - The URL to an audio file hosted on the internet or uploaded to your bot by a user
Language - an optional language hint (using a two or 5 character country code) that may help the AI be more accurate in determining the language of the audio
Prompt - an optional prompt to describe the audio clip that may improve the AI's performance
Temperature - the amount of randomness the AI will use when translating your audio. 
AI Connection - which AI account to use. You can use AI credits from Flow XO, or connect your own Open AI account and use your own API key
Automatically send the response to the user - Whether or not the transcribed text should immediately be sent as a message to your user. Turn this off if you will further process the text, such as translating it, or use it for another purposes than sending to your user
Show a typing indicator -   Whether or not to show a typing indicator when the task begins processing. Only works for supported platforms (Telegram, Web, Slack)


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