AI - Text to Speech

The "Text to Speech" action will generate an audio file of an AI voice reading some input text. This can be very useful for creating voice-based chatbots.

Text - The text that the AI voice should read in the resulting audio clip. There is a limit of 4096 characters, text above that limit will be truncated.
Voice  - which AI voice should be used to read the text. You can hear samples of the available voices here:
Format - which format to use when generating the audiofile. The default is MP3.
Speed - how fast the AI voice should read, where 1 is a normal reading pace.
AI Connection - which AI connection to use. You can use the Flow XO Open AI account to use AI credits, or connect your own Open AI API Key.
Model - which AI model to use. The "hd" version is slower and more expensive but may result in higher quality.
Automatically send the response - whether the task should immediately send the audio clip to the user once the file is generated
Show a typing indicator - whether a typing indicator should be shown to the user when the task begins processing, on supported platforms.

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