Introduction to Flow XO

Flow XO is a complete platform for building, hosting and managing chatbots for messaging platforms, such as Messenger, Slack and Telegram.

It includes a visual editor to build bots without code (we call each word/phrase a bot responds to a 'flow'). When you're ready to distribute or sell your bot, you can create your own bots which are owned and branded by you but controlled and hosted by Flow XO.

Key Concepts

A bot within Flow XO is what the user interacts with. It's normally installed as a user in the messaging platform and addressed directly or using its handle (its @username). You'll need a different bot for each of the messaging platforms you want a presence on.

You're fully in control of your own bots, with their own branding and username. You own the bot, but plug it into the Flow XO platform to make it work. Once you have a bot up and running, you can distribute it however you want.

Learn about how to create a bot on each platform:

Once you have a bot ready, you need to tell it how to behave. You do that through creating one or more flows. Each flow usually starts off by listening out for a question or command from another user (the trigger).

Every time a flow runs, we call it an interaction. Each flow contains one or more actions. Actions can include:

  • Sending messages back to the user.
  • Asking the user questions and collecting data.
  • Requesting a payment or Selling a product
  • Getting and posting data to around 90+ integrated services.
  • Using webhooks to get/post data to your own applications.

Learn more about building flows

Linking Bots & Flows

You can host as many bots as you need inside one Flow XO account, and flows can be shared by bots.

This makes it easy to build bots that behave the same across many platforms - you can create bots for each platform and have them all linked to the same flow(s).

By default, every flow is linked to every bot. If you prefer, you can instead choose individual bots when you add a New Message trigger. This allows you to create as many bots as you like that all behave independently.

Next Steps

Once you've connected a bot (see the links above), read about how to build flows.

If you prefer, you could try our getting started tutorial which takes you through connecting a Facebook Messenger bot and building a simple flow. You'll be quickly introduced to the core concepts in Flow XO.

Let us know how we can improve Flow XO on our feedback site.

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