Interaction Logs

Each time a flow runs, that is referred to as an interaction. The interaction logs section allows you to see the details of each interaction as they happen (rather than waiting until the flow is finished).

Accessing Interaction Logs

You can access interaction logs from several places:

  • Click on Interactions from the left menu bar from anywhere within the app.
  • When editing a flow, click the ... option at the top right hand side then click Interactions (you will see a list of interactions for the flow you are editing).
  • On the Bots page, click the down arrow on a bot's Edit button, and click Interactions (you will see a list of interactions associated with this bot).

Interactions List

When you first visit the interaction logs section, you'll see a list of interactions along with some information about each interaction:

  • Date & Time: The date and time that the interaction was completed.
  • Status: The overall outcome of the interaction:
    • Success (if the interaction was triggered and did not end in an error).
    • Filtered (if the trigger was filtered and therefore the flow did not run).
    • Abandoned (if the flow stopped because a bot Ask a Question action expired or the user quit the flow).
    • In Progress (if the interaction is yet to be completed i.e. when using a wait task or waiting for a question to be answered).
    • Failed (if any of the actions failed, stopping the flow).
  • Flow: The flow that was triggered.
  • Bot: If the flow was triggered through a bot (or otherwise associated with a bot), then the associated bot will be displayed.

You can filter the list of interactions by date/time, status, flow or bot, using the controls at the top of the page.

Interaction Details

To see the details of a single interaction, click the Details button on the right hand side of the interaction you want to view.

The details pane will open, and you will see the individual trigger and actions that make up the interaction, in date order (trigger first, then actions).

An icon and status indicator next to the trigger/action name will show whether the individual trigger/action was successful, filtered, abandoned, in progress or failed:

Underneath the trigger/action name, you will see more details. One or more tabs let you see different data associated with each task. The options may include:

  • Settings: The data that you are putting into the trigger/action.
  • Output: The data that the trigger/action makes available for use in subsequent actions.
  • Filter: Details of the filter that has been applied to the trigger/action.
  • Error: If the action failed, the message that describes the problem.

From the interaction details pane, you can click the flow name at the top to go straight to editing the flow that the interaction relates to.

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