Our analytics feature allows you to get insights into how your bots are being used. For example, you can see how many unique users are interacting with your bots, and which flows they're most likely to be triggering.

Accessing Analytics

Either click the Analytics option on the main menu bar, or from the Bots section, click the down arrow on the Edit button for a bot, then click Analytics (this will show analytics for this bot only).

Available Metrics

Total Users

Our Total Users metric allows you to track how many unique users (in total/aggregate) have ever interacted with one of your bots.

A user is unique in the scope of the bot. Say the same user on Messenger uses 3 Flow XO bots for the first time on Monday. That will count as 3 unique users (1 for each bot). If on Tuesday that same user uses the same 3 bots, on Tuesday the unique user count will still be at 3.

This figure only ever grows, as it doesn't take account of whether the user is currently active or not. Our Active User metric does however.

Active Users

This metric allows you to get an idea of how many of your total users are still using your bots.

For a user to be considered 'active', they have to have interacted with the bot in the last 30 days. This includes sending a message to the bot, or by successfully receiving a message (including images, cards, card sets or custom requests).

If attempts to send messages to a user fail repeatedly over a number of days (usually because the user has blocked or deleted the bot), we may also mark a user as inactive within this 30 day window.

New Users

Whilst Total Users and Active Users gives you an insight into user growth (aggregate users over time), our New Users metric allows you to see how many new users are trying your bots each day.

For example, say the same user on Messenger uses a bot for the first time on Monday. The New Users metric will show a count of 1 for Monday. If on Tuesday that same user uses the same bot, the New Users count will be zero (because on Tuesday, the user is no longer new).

Messages Sent

The Messages Sent metric allows you to track how many messages a bot sends over a period of time.

For the purposes of this metric, a message is actually a single request to send anything to the user, including a question, images, cards, card sets and custom requests.

Messages Received

The Messages Received metric allows you to track how many messages a bot receives from users over a period of time. This includes messages received as answers to questions, as well as messages that trigger flows.

For the purposes of this metric, anything received by the bot is counted as a message (including receiving a file or location).

Top Messages

The Top Messages table displays the most popular messages received by the bot. Only messages that trigger a flow are counted, answers to questions are not.

The actual word/phrase that the user sent is used here, not the word/phrase that it matched against.

Top Flows

This table shows a list of the most popular flows triggered by messages received. You can click the name of the flow to view/edit it.

Date Period Selection

Analytics are displayed in your local timezone (based on your browser's locale). The following fixed date periods are available to all users:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days (includes today)
  • Last 30 Days (includes today)
  • This Month (includes today)
  • Last Month

Free Plan Restrictions

Customers on the free plan can access analytics for the previous and current months, and for predefined periods, such as Yesterday or Last 7 Days. Paid users can access analytics for any period, including prior months and custom defined ranges.

Paid users will see an extra Custom Range option when selecting the date range.

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