Automatic Voice Transcription

Flow XO makes it extremely easy to voice enable your chatbots. Most messaging platforms, including our web messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp, allow users to quickly record voice messages. Sometimes, this is simpler and faster than typing out a message. You can voice enable your chatbots in Flow XO with just one button, and Flow XO will then transcribe any audio clips submitted by a user to text and treat them exactly as if the user had typed the message into the composer. This means that you don't need to modify your flows in any way to make them voice enabled. 

To voice enable your bots, head to your user profile and click "Enable Automatic Voice Transcription"

That's it! If you have added your own Open AI API Key we will use that instead of Flow XO AI credits for transcribing the audio. Otherwise, you will be charged AI credits (1 credit per transcription). If you decide to use this feature, we highly recommend adding your own API key as it will be much more cost effective.

And that's all there is to it! Pretty simple huh?

Happy flowing!

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