Smartsheet is an intuitive online project management tool enabling teams to increase productivity using cloud, collaboration, & mobile technologies.

You can trigger your Flow XO flows with the following Smartsheet tasks:

  • New Row
  • New Sheet
  • Updated Sheet

And as part of your integrated Flow XO flow you can use the following actions:

  • Add, Update, Get and Delete a Row
  • Add, Update, Get and Delete a Sheet
  • Send or Share a Sheet
  • Copy a Sheet

Connecting Your Account

Connecting your account is easy - you'll just need to click 'Authorize' in the Flow XO 'Authorize the Service' window when setting up your flow action for the first time, then sign in to your Smartsheet account in the window that appears (if you're not already signed in) with your normal Smartsheet account email address and password, then confirm you're happy to connect. You'll be returned to the flow and Smartsheet will be connected to Flow XO.


When I 'Search' for a row by text, what happens if there are multiple matches on different rows?

Flow XO will always return the most recently updated row if multiple matches are found.

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Known Issues

  • The 'Updated Sheet' trigger will trigger every time the rows in a worksheet change - either their content, or their position in the sheet. So adding a row at the top / in the middle of a sheet which you're monitoring for updates will update every row below your addition, meaning every row gives an individual trigger! 
  • There's a slight delay on new Smartsheet data being available for searching in the Flow XO 'Get' actions - this is documented by Smartsheet here. You could consider using a Flow XO 'Wait' task to ensure all the data you need is available before trying to 'Get' it. 
  • Smartsheet don't currently support the changing of the 'Ownership' of a sheet, despite that being an option in eg, 'Share a Sheet'. You can still share to eg, a 'Viewer'. This might change in the near future. 
  • Sharing permissions in your sheet may mean that certain columns don't appear in Flow XO as you might expect - you should ensure that you have all relevant sharing permissions assigned to your log in.

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