Yammer is a messaging and notification app that lets you set up a private social network for your own company. 

In Flow XO, you can trigger a flow on:

  • New Message

and the actions you can use in your flow are:

  • Send a Message
  • Send a Notification

Connecting Your Account

You'll just need to click 'Authenticate' when setting up your Yammer task and you'll be directed to a window where you can enter your usual Yammer email and password - then you'll be returned to Flow XO and your account will be connected. 


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Known Issues

  • Yammer is quite stringent of how often messages or notifications are posted. if you trigger on a lot of items and try to send many messages or notifications at once, you might receive a "Too many consecutive requests" error. 
  • When you use 'Send a message', we only list 50 groups (per network) 

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