Using Outputs in Select Fields

Sometimes, you'll want to use an output from a previous task instead of selecting an option from a dropdown box.

For example, say the task you're using has a Position field, which lets you choose from a number between 1-10.  It looks like this:

If you always want to give the same position, say 5, then that's easy, you just select it from the list.  But what if your trigger gives you an output that you want to use as the position?

Just click the edit/pencil icon you'll see next to the field name, and the dropdown box switches into a text field, like so:

Then you can click the Flow XO icon within the text box and select the output field that contains the position you want to use.

Values and Labels

It's important to note that what you see in the dropdown list of a select field are labels.  The actual value that is sent might differ from the label.

For example, if your field is a list of users, the labels will often be the user names and the values would be the user ID's.

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