Mandrill is a transactional email platform from MailChimp.  There are no triggers for Mandrill - just two straightforward actions:

  • Send a Message
  • Send a Template

'Send a Message' will allow you to send a customized HTML or plain text email from Mandrill's server, whilst 'Send a Template' relies on populating a predefined template configured in your Mandrill account. 

Connecting Your Account

Mandrill uses credentials based authentication - so you'll need to give Flow XO your API key when authorizing your account. You can get that from here in your Mandrill account:

save image


Can I send HMTL email through Mandrill?

Yes - you'll see that there are two 'textarea' inputs for both Mandrill methods ('Send a Message' and 'Send a Template') - 'HTML' and 'Text' - which allow you to supply HTML code or plain text respectively.

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Known Issues

  • Flow XO doesn't currently support attachments or inline images for emails sent through Mandrill.

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