JIRA is a project management app with a focus on tracking 'issues' between teams. Atlassian provide a great JIRA in a Nutshell video which gives an excellent overview of the features and functionality of the app.

You can trigger Flow XO workflows with the following JIRA triggers:

  • New Project
  • New Issue
  • New Priority Assigned

And you can use the following actions as part of your Flow XO workflow:

  • Add, Update, Get and Delete an Issue

Connecting Your Account

It's really easy to connect you JIRA account to Flow XO - JIRA requires that you enter the URL that you access your account at (e.g. example.atlassian.net), and your username and API key (we encrypt these before storing them).  

To get an API key, follow the instructions here: 


How do I use the 'New Issue' trigger with JQL?

If you're a JIRA user, you're probably familiar with their  JQL language. The Flow XO input to the 'New Issue' trigger takes a JQL input so that you have maximum flexibility in triggering your Flow XO workflows. The good news is that if you just want to use this trigger like any other - looking for all new issues in your account - we automatically put 'ORDER BY created' into the text field for you, so you can just hit next to search for all new issues. It's important that you leave the 'ORDER BY created' text there, even if you want to add further options, so that you trigger brand new matching issues only.

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Known Issues

  • When you want to use the action 'Update an Issue', you must ensure that there is an issue already in your JIRA account for the project and type that you specify. If there isn't an existing issue of the project and type you specify, you will only be able to update JIRA's standard fields and not any custom fields available to the specific issue type.

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