Adobe Document Cloud (formerly EchoSign)

Adobe Document Cloud eSign services (formally EchoSign) is an electronic signature cloud app and enterprise content management system with specific focus on the cycle of document management and verification. Its major features center on document signing, tracking and filing. It supports signing by email (esignature).

The triggers you can start a Flow XO flow with from Adobe Document Cloud are:

  • Document Awaiting my Signature
  • Document Out for Signature
  • Document Completed
  • Document Declined

The actions you can perform in your Flow XO flow are then:

  • Send Document
  • Get a Document
  • Cancel Document

Connecting Your Account

Authorizing your Adobe Document Cloud account is entirely straightforward - you'll just need to click 'Authorize' in Flow XO when setting up your trigger or action and you'll see a window appear to sign into your Adobe Document Cloud account. Alternatively, you'll be given the option to sign in with your Google account.


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Known Issues

  • The outputs for a document's signatories are name and email.  However, only the email address reliably comes through in most cases.

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