Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a minimalist, lightweight task management app that sits right inside your Gmail account.  Working with Google Tasks in Flow XO is really easy. You can trigger on:

  • New Task

And you can specify the following actions:

  • Add a Task
  • Update a Task
  • Get a Task
  • Delete a Task

Connecting Your Account

Just like connecting your Gmail account, all you need to do is select the Google Tasks service in Flow XO, and you'll be asked to sign into Google (if you're not already signed in). You'll then be authorized inside Flow XO.


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Known Issues

  • This service supports up to 100 open tasks at any one time.  If you have more than 100 open (not completed, deleted or hidden) tasks in your account, new tasks might not be found properly.
  • You might run into an issue if you choose to 'Update a Task' in a flow, or you change a task's list manually, when working with multiple task lists. If you update the task list of a task, then you subsequently try to manipulate that task by giving its ID, you should ensure you also specify the correct list that the task is currently on - not the list that it was created on, or else you'll get an error - "The task could not be found.  Is the Task ID and Task List correct?".

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