Salesforce is a CRM which provides an interface for case, project and task management, and a system for automatically routing and escalating important events. The Salesforce 'customer portal' provides customers the ability to track their own cases and includes a social networking plug-in that enables users to automatically track their companies social media output, provides analytical tools and other services including email alert, chat, Google search, and access to customers' entitlement and contracts.

Using Salesforce with Flow XO, you can trigger on:

  • New Account
  • New Case
  • New Contact
  • New Event
  • New Folder
  • New Lead
  • New Note
  • New Opportunity
  • New Task

And you can configure the following actions:

  • Add a Case
  • Add a Case Comment
  • Add a Contact
  • Add a Lead
  • Add a Note
  • Add a Task
  • Add an Account
  • Add an Event
  • Add an Opportunity

Connecting Your Account

As soon as you click 'Authorize' in Flow XO, you'll be directed to a new window where you can enter your usual Salesforce username and password. When you've done that, click 'Log In', you'll be returned to your Flow XO flow and your account will be connected. 


Can I perform 'Get', 'Update' or 'Delete' operations with Salesforce contacts, leads etc?

You can only currently add new data to your Salesforce account, not Get, Update or Delete it. We'll be looking to add those features in the future. 

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Known Issues

  • To use the Salesforce API, your organization must be on one of the following 4 editions (Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition, Developer Edition, Performance Edition). The following Editions have no API access. (Contact Edition, Group Edition, Professional Edition). More information about the API can be found here.
  • Salesforce enforce a policy of usage limits on the 'requests' you can make to their platform. There's both a concurrent request limit per edition, and a total requests limit you should be aware of. Salesforce give full details on their help page.
  • Please note that this integration does not work with the sandbox mode.
  • A maximum of 500 simultaneous triggers of any given type can be fired at one time. For example, if 501 tasks are added at once, only the first 500 will be triggered.

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