Stripe is a payment processing app that integrates neatly with a lot of the other apps you'll use - you've probably seen it features as a ready made integration in some of the other apps you use, such as Freshbooks. On it's own, Stripe is essentially an app that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the internet.

To start flows, you'll be able to trigger on:

  • New Customer
  • New Charge
  • New Invoice
  • New Invoice Item 
  • New Transfer

And you'll be able to use the following actions:

  • Add a Customer
  • Get a Customer
  • Add a Line Item
  • Add an Invoice

Connecting Your Account

Stripe is authorized by 'OAuth', so it's very easy to connect - just click 'Authorize' and follow the on screen instructions and enter your account details when prompted. 

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How do I invoice out to a customer - is this different from other services I might be using?

When invoicing through Stripe, you should be aware that you'll only ever invoice for outstanding 'line' or invoice items. So an invoice 'sweeps up' any outstanding items that are waiting to be invoiced on a customer record. So you should 'Add a Line Item', then append them to invoice with 'Add an Invoice' in two separate tasks (in that order) in your flow to invoice out right away.

Can I access both 'test' and 'live' modes of my Stripe account, and trigger on and create data in both modes?

When you authorize your Stripe account through Flow XO, you should be aware the you are always using the 'Live' mode of your Stripe account - and triggering on live events, and creating customers and other items in the live environment. 

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Known Issues

  • You should be aware that Stripe accepts values in 'pence' or 'cents' when populating items - rather than decimalized pounds or dollars etc. You'll be given some helper text on the action you're performing, but should consider that eg £/$10.00 should be entered as '1000' (and there will be a separate option to select the currency).

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