Flow XO Feedback

The Flow XO "Feedback" trigger allows you to respond to users who respond to your feedback requests. You can read all about feedback and evaluations here (https://support.flowxo.com/article/327-flow-xo-evaluations)

Feedback Received Trigger

To respond to user feedback, you will need to create a flow with a Feedback Received trigger:

When a user responds to a feedback request, any flows that have this trigger will fire. This trigger provides all of the data elements found on normal messaging triggers, as well as some data elements custom to feedback and evaluations. These are:

Score - this is a number that represents the quality rating given by the user. For simple "Thumbs Up" and "Thumbs Down" feedback, this will be either 0 (thumbs down) or 1 (thumbs up)
Rating  - this is the actual rating chosen by the user. For simple thumbs up and thumbs down feedback, this will be exactly the same as Score. However, in the future, when more complex feedback capabilities are introduced, this number will represent the value chosen on a larger scale, for instance 4 (out of, say, 5)
Max Score - this is the top of the range of ratings available to the user. For simple Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down, this is always one. In the future it will represent other scales, for example 10 for a scale of 0-10. The Score is calculated from the Rating and Max Score, and is Rating/Max Score.

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