Eventbrite is an internet platform that 3rd party unrelated event organizers around the world use to sell tickets and registrations for their events - from yoga classes to tech conferences. It's easy to see how you might want to start a flow in Flow XO based on the creation of a new event, or when someone would like to attend one of your events.

So Eventbrite is all about managing your events and monitoring attendance. As such, we support the following triggers in Flow XO:

  • New Contact
  • New Event
  • New Attendee
  • New Attendee Check In

We have just one action, which is:

  • Add a Contact

Connecting Your Account

The first time you use Eventbrite in a flow, you'll be asked to connect your account.

To do that, click the 'Authorize' button, and you'll then see an Eventbrite window to enter your email address and password (the same details you use to log into your Eventbrite account).

save image


Can I trigger off all attendees for all events with 'New Attendee' trigger?

You'll need to configure a separate flow for each event that you want to monitor - Eventbrite won't allow the monitoring of all events at once.

Can I trigger off 'repeating' events?

Each event in Eventbrite is a separate 'object' - it's treated as a standalone entity. Therefore you'll need to set up a separate flow for each event that you'd like to monitor, even if they're repeated.

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Known Issues

  • 'Email' is the only required field to add a contact - the name fields are optional. Eventbrite recognizes your contacts by their email address, and if you try to add an email address to a list that already exists, you'll update the contact (rather than return a duplication error or add a brand new contact).

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