December 2021 Feature Update

  1. Web Messenger - new Embedding & Customization Options: You can now
    1. Embed as overlay, inline or sidebar as well as customize the location of the widget (left or right of page)
    2. Embed the bot inside a webpage using an iFrame without losing access to the Web Messenger API
    3. Embed multiple bots on a single page

    See further details in the help article here: and see examples here:!/flowxo-embed-options?path=index.html%3A40%3A11

  2. Ability to deactivate the welcome menu for a bot for unhandled messages
    1. If you would like this feature enabled, please send a request to
  3. Abandoned Handler Trigger: This is a new trigger that you can use to take action when a user abandons a conversation, by quitting (typing “bye”), timing out, or answering a validated question incorrectly too many times.
    This trigger can be used to try to re-engage the user, such as sending them a text message, or to kick off an alternative flow for users that stop interacting with the bot for some reason.

    See more details on the Help Article:
  4. Make ‘Parse Mode’ not required in Telegram Actions:  Parse Mode can now be disabled for Telegram “Send Message” actions, in case you need to send raw text that conflicts with the HTML or Markdown parsing rules.
  5. Client team member type: In addition to developer, agent and owner, you can now add team members with a “Client” role that gives access to live chat, logs and users but does not allow editing flows or bots.
  6. Ability to Add new Chat Users and update some fields of existing end users: Previously it was impossible to send messages to platform users that had not first interacted with your bot via Flow XO. This made it impossible to import users from another platform, or to engage users proactively on platforms that allow an automation to make first contact, like Slack, SMS or WhatsApp. We have now provided two different ways to create users who you can then messages (as long as the platform allows this):
    1. Via a Flow XO Utility (, or 
    2. Via API:
  7. Ability to respond to Telegram Group membership changes (users added, removed): Flow XO will now receive a message that trigger a greeting when a user joins or leaves a group. The message will have the text: participant:new, participant:left You can filter on these special messages in a catch all or New Message trigger to send a customized welcome message to users that join a group or perform some clean up for users that leave.
  8. Ability to embed live chat in your own website for your clients: For agencies, we have created a mechanism to allow you to embed the Flow XO live chat page into your own website or back office. You can use this feature if you re-sell Flow XO bots to present a live chat option to your users under your own branding. Find out more here:
  9. Enhancement: Telegram file URLs no longer expire: When users send files via telegram, they receive a telegram URL that can be used to download the file. The problem is that these URLs expire, and sometimes rather quickly, making it difficult to built Telegram bots where you want to retrieve files uploaded by your users. We now send back a special Flow XO url for uploaded telegram files that do not expire, so you can safely store the URLs in a spreadsheet or database and access them at any time in the future.
  10. Fixed issue whereby the welcome message showed twice sometimes on web messenger.

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