JotForm is a free form builder. With a free account, you can use JotForm (full featured) up to 100 submissions/month. You can get a free webform hosted on your site with a single line of code in minutes.

As with other form software, we'll be concentrating on the activity of managing information that is submitted through your form - we'll trigger flows on every:

  • New Submission

Connecting Your Account

The first time you use JotForm in a flow, you'll be asked to connect your account.  To do this, you'll need your JotForm API key.

In JotForm, you can get your API key by choosing 'Account' under the settings gravatar in the top right, then choosing 'API' on the left:


How are custom fields given as outputs - for instance how is '5 Stars' given as an output from the form submission into Flow XO?

We've tried to take the simplest approach with our outputs - so you'll find that a visual input like '5 Stars' translates to an output of '5', and anywhere you can give multiple selections - like 'Tick all of the following that apply' - will give you a comma separated list of answers, such as 'Option1, Option3'. Text submissions - including Yes / No - will always output as a text string.

What happens if I use the 'File' upload as a JotForm input?

Flow XO doesn't currently support the processing of files, such as MP3, DOC or RAW - but we'll return a URL as an output to where the file is hosted online, so you can use the URL in your flow to reference the hosted file's location. This might be useful if you'd like to pass the file's URL into your CRM so that it's clickable to retrieve the file on the client's record.

Do I get form meta data returned as an output to use in my flow?

Yes - this will be returned at the head of the data fields that are in your form as outputs. You'll have five additional outputs: ID, IP Address, Created At, Updated At and Status.

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Known Issues

  • If you use a JotForm 'Widget' as part of your form, you won't get back a single result in the Flow XO output for the widget data. Widgets can become quite complex - so we'll return as much information as possible to you as a single string that will contain all the data captured by your widget. It's unlikely you'll be able to use this data in a further Flow XO input, but you might like to store it in a CRM or other platform, or parse it elsewhere (perhaps in your own script).

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