Locating the Connection ID of a Bot

Flow XO offers both an API and an integration to add a user to your audience that hasn't yet sent your bot a message. To use either of those features, however, you will first need to obtain a Connection ID of the bot you want to add the user to. The easiest way to find the connection ID of a bot is to activate a flow by sending your bot a message and inspecting the interaction log. The Connection ID is  clearly displayed in each interaction log entry:

You can also discover the Connection ID from the response path of any other user of that bot. The Connection ID is the first part of every response path. For example, if a user has a response path of 611c9529f2cdb5002e0858ed/c/1992910097, the Connection ID is the part of the text before the first "/", or 611c9529f2cdb5002e0858ed.

You can find the Response Path of any user in the Users area:

You can simply find a user of the bot you want to create a new user for, copy the response path, and paste it into any text editor to discover the Connection ID of the bot.

If you have any questions or difficulty finding the Connection ID, just let us know at support@flowxo.com

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