Team Members

Paid users can invite additional users such as developers to assist in building/maintaining bots, agents to assist purely with live chat, or other owners if you have partners or want to transfer your account to someone else entirely.

The following video explains this feature in detail, and below you can read the written instructions:

To invite new team members, you can click on your profile icon on the main navigation and choose 'Team Members':

This will take you to the Team Members management page where you can change the role or revoke access to existing team members or invite new ones to join your account:

Inviting a New Team Member

To invite a new team member, click the 'Invite Team Member' button and fill in their name and e-mail address and role. Once you submit the invitation, they will be sent an e-mail with a link they can click to join Flow XO and be linked with your team. 

Once you have invited a team member, they will show up in the invitations area:

Please note that their invitation will expire in 7 days. Once it has expired, you can use the Re-send button to send them a new invitation and re-start the expiration window. You can also re-send the invitation at any time if they did not receive it, which will also add another 7 days before the invitation expires. If you change your mind, you can revoke the invitation, which will prevent the invitation link from working going forward. Once a team member has accepted your invitation, they will show up in the Team Members area, where you can adjust their role or revoke access to their account entirely.

Available Roles

You can choose between the following roles:

An owner has full control over your account. Never give anyone an owner role that you do not want to transfer your account to, or that you trust completely. They can remove your account preventing you from accessing it or even delete your account. The primary use case for giving someone an owner role is to transfer account ownership to them.

A team member with a developer role can manage most aspects of your account, including adding, updating or deleting flows, bots, etc. A developer does not, however, have access to the Team Member management page to add or remove other team members, and they cannot see or change billing data or delete your account. This is the most appropriate role for anyone you will have help you build and manage bots.

A team member with an agent role has very limited access to your account and can *only* view the live chat tab. Use the agent role for support staff whose only role is to interact with your end users via live chat.


Currently a user can only belong to a single team in Flow XO. This means that if a user already has a Flow XO account under a certain e-mail address you will not be able to add them to your team. It also means you cannot belong to multiple teams using the same e-mail. We may change this in the future, but for now the workaround if you need to add a user to your team who already belongs to another team or has their own Flow XO account is to use an alternative e-mail address.

Maximum Team Members
Standard Plan users may add up to 5 team members as part of their plan without additional charge. After that additional users can be purchased for $5/mo each. Free Plan users may not add additional team members and must upgrade to standard to share account access with others.

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