Inserting a Delay In Between Messages

There are times where you may want to add a delay in between your messages to give your users time to read long text or for a dramatic pause. Although you should be careful not to use message delays to simulate a human to try to trick your users, as this will just anger them when they quickly realize that the bot is NOT in fact human, there are many legitimate reasons to pause for a few seconds before moving on. 

This can be accomplished in Flow XO by inserting a Wait Until a Date step into your flow, and using a relative time as the date, such as "+10s" to delay for 10 seconds, or "+30s" to delay for half a minute. If you want to delay for a minute or more then you can always use the Wait for Awhile step.

Here is an example of how you would configure a Wait Until a Date step for a delay less than a minute:

And here is a sample flow that demonstrates the same concept:

That's it! Happy Flowing, and as always reach out to with any questions or feedback you may have.

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