Creating a Sandbox Bot

Flow XO supports many messaging channels, and each one has a unique process for getting connected, from the extremely simple (Web) to the extremely cumbersome (WhatsApp). When your first getting started building your bot, you may find you want to experience and test your bot on a particular channel without jumping through the hoops required to go live on that platform. That is where the Flow XO Sandbox bot comes in. You can connect to most of our available channels instantly and test your flows there on our sandbox accounts. When you are satisfied with how your bot works on a particular channel, you can then follow the instructions appropriate to the specific channel to take your bot live on your own account.

Connecting to one of our platforms via the sandbox a very simple two step process:

1. Choose the channel you want to connect to
2. Send a message to our Sandbox bot on that channel with your unique code.
3. When you're done testing in the sandbox, or you need to connect your current user to a different sandbox, you can disconnect by typing /sandbox stop.

Here's a video of how quickly you can be running a flow on WhatsApp starting from an empty Flow XO account (< 2 minutes):

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