Receiving Attachments

Every Flow XO channel supports receiving file attachments from your users. Originally the only way to work with these file attachments was with a New File Trigger. 

Since March 2021, in addition to firing New File Triggers, attachments are sent as ordinary messages with the text "Attachment Received" and the attachment type and URL in the metadata. This means that you can use a 'Wait for a Response' in any flow to process new files inline without having to resort to using a trigger.

If you had attachments configured before March 2021, you may want to check your configurations to take full advantage of this new feature.

With this new feature, you can request a file attachment from your users and receive it inline with your flow without having to split the flow into two pieces unnaturally. You can use a 'Wait for a Response' task to pause the flow until the user sends the attachment and then receive the attachment metadata as shown in the images below:

To see it in action, please install this sample:

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