Creating a WhatsApp Bot

NOTE: These instructions will walk you through connecting to WhatsApp directly from within Flow XO via our partner, 360dialog. You can also connect to WhatsApp via Twilio.

Connecting to the WhatsApp for Business API

Flow XO makes it easy to connect your bots to WhatsApp via our partner, 360dialog for as little as $15/mo per phone number.

When you connect to WhatsApp through 360dialog, you will be setting up a separate payment plan with them and they will charge you directly for the monthly access fee, as well as WhatsApp conversation charges.
There are three plans to choose from: Basic ($15/mo/number), Standard ($25/mo/number) and Premium ($49/mo/number). Usually Basic or Standard are sufficient, depending on the kind of support you would like. You can review per-conversation prices (which come directly from Meta) here:

To get started, navigate to the "Bots" tab, and click "WhatsApp"

From here, you can choose a name for your your WhatsApp bot, and fill the welcome message to be shown on the first connection. You can also choose the language and optional intent detector that this bot will use.

Next, click on 'Connect WhatsApp Number'. This will begin the process of creating your 360dialog account. If you already created a 360dialog account for a prior bot, you can also add new numbers this way as well. If you need to port an existing WhatsApp number from a different service, please reach out to

If you are creating an account, choose a password and click 'Sign Up'. You will be walked through the process of connecting to 360dialog and setting up your WhatsApp number. Once the process has completed, you will be asked to give permission for your WhatsApp phone number(s) to Flow XO:

Select any phone numbers you want to use with Flow XO, and click 'Save Selection'.

After a few moments, the dialog will close and you will be able to pick the number you want to use with your bot:

NOTE: It may take a few moments for the phone number pick list to appear. 

Select the phone number you want to use with this bot and click 'Next'

That's all there is to it. Please reach out to our support team if you need any help with the process.

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