Sending Videos to Facebook Messenger

While Facebook allows links to external videos to be sent to Messenger, their platform is strongly oriented towards hosting videos themselves. Sending videos linked to YouTube and other video sharing sites using our Send Video action work, but have been known to exhibit strange Facebook errors from time to time. If you will be sending videos to Facebook Messenger subscribers, you should consider uploading your video to the Video Library of your Facebook page first, and then using the resulting Facebook Video URL in your Send Video task.

To learn how to upload a video to Facebook and retrieve the URL, please see this article:

Once you have that URL in hand, you can use it like you would a YouTube or Wistia URL in our Send Video task:

Please note: When sharing Facebook Videos, only the first Shortcut you add will be shown, and it will be shown as a button. You can use this shortcut to add a button to link to a sales page, or to link again to the Facebook video URL so that the user can open it in full screen:

This will look like this inside of Messenger (web):

Another difference is that when Facebook hosted videos are used in Facebook Messenger they can be played directly within the chat window, without having to navigate to a separate web page. There is not, however, a 'maximize' button on this kind of video embed. If you want users to be able to maximize your video, you should add a Shortcut that links them to the same video URL that you are embedding, which will open the video in its own webpage.

That's all there is to it! Let us know at if you have any trouble with this feature.

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