Connecting Flow XO to Google Analytics

Flow XO provides a real time integration with Google Analytics as an easy and powerful way to augment our built in analytics dashboard. Google Analytics has long been an industry standard for tracking website performance, and has developed into a powerful tool for understanding how users engage with any kind of digital asset, and bots are no exception.

This guide will show you how to quickly connect a Google Analytics property to your Flow XO account.

Quick Start

We recommend that you set up a separate analytics account (called a property) for your Flow XO account, even if you have an existing property set up for your website. We're going to walk through that setup now - but if you already have a GA tracking code you want to use, simply head to your Flow XO profile and paste it into the field labeled "Google Analytics Tracking Code" and you're done!

1. Creating a Google Analytics Account

The first step is to create a Google Analytics (GA) account if you don't already have one. This document will show you the steps to create a new account (there isn't much to it): 

Create an Analytics Account

2. Create a new property in your Analytics Account

Once you have an analytics account, you'll need to create a property. A property is the container that Google Analytics uses to collect and display your analytics data. Generally speaking, you would have a property for each website or app you wanted to track. In our case, we'll have a property for our bots.

Create a new Property

3. Copy your Google Analytics tracking code

This document shows you how to find your tracking code. You will want to copy it into your clipboard:

Find your Google Analytics Tracking Code

4. Paste your tracking code into the Google Analytics Tracking Code field of your user profile in Flow XO

5. That's it! Once you hit update, Flow XO will immediately begin sending messaging interactions from your bots to your Google Analytics property. To confirm this, navigate to Real Time -> Events in Google Analytics and then start a conversation with your bot. You should see events showing up almost immediately:

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