Sending a Message to a Telegram Channel

While Flow XO is designed primarily for communicating directly with users one on one, there are certain use cases where it makes sense to send a message to an entire channel. Flow XO does not have direct support for this, but there's a workaround you can use to make it happen in a pinch. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you add your bot user as an administrator to your channel (
  2. Determine your Channel ID (
  3. Determine the Bot ID of your Telegram bot (Interactions -> Details -> Bot ID)
  4. Create a 'Response Path' for your Channel using the formula: {Bot ID}/c/{Channel ID}
    If you have a Bot ID of 5e1d14c7r6b4bf165e97e902
    * And a Channel URL of
    * Then your Channel ID is -1001436963423 (-100 + 1436963423)
    So your Response Path for your channel will be 5e1d14c7r6b4bf165e97e902/c/-1001436963423
  5. Create a Send Message task in Flow XO
  6. Expand the 'Response Path' setting, and add your Response Path from step 4
  7. You're Done - you can now send to that channel with your bot. Any time you need to send to the channel, simply use the Response Path you created in your Send Message, Ask a Question, Send Card, or any other flows that allow you to configure a response path.

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