MailChimp is an email marketing app that helps to manage contacts, send bulk emails and track results. It's an incredibly popular app - it has 7 million users that collectively send over 10 billion emails through the service each month.

MailChimp is an excellent tool because its easy to use, yet delivers a huge amount of power to deliver beautiful HTML email and report on how effective your mailings are. As such, Flow XO offers the only triggers we think you'll need:

  • New Subscriber
  • Unsubscriber

To get the most out of the information stored in your MailChmip account, you can:

  • Get a List
  • Add a Subscriber
  • Get a Subscriber
  • Unsubscribe

Connecting Your Account

Connecting your account is easy - you'll just need to click 'Authorize' in the Flow XO 'Authorize the Service' window when setting up your flow action for the first time, then sign in to your Mailchimp account in the window that appears (if you're not already signed in) with your normal Mailchimp account email address and password, then confirm you're happy to connect. You'll be returned to the flow and Mailchimp will be connected to Flow XO.

The following video also explains the steps visually:


How does MailChimp's double opt in feature work through Flow XO?

When you select 'Yes' under the double opt in dropdown in the MailChimp 'Add a Subscriber' task, an email is sent to the new subscriber you are trying to add, asking them if they confirm they would like to be added to the list you have specified in the same task. You should note that the Flow XO logs will record that the task was completed immediately, but unless the new subscriber actually subscribes through the double opt in email that they have been sent, their MailChimp status will remain at 'pending'. It's worth noting that if you were to 'get' a subscriber after adding them and requiring double opt in, you can actually return the status as an output ('Status').

Flow XO mainly uses the ID's of contacts, organizations etc. as a unique reference - where are these in MailChimp?

MailChimp de-duplicates on email address when you’re working with subscribers.  That’s worth bearing in mind if you have for example several linked contacts in your CRM that share an email address. Whereas lists do have an ID, we retrieve all the lists in your MailChimp account and give you the names in a dropdown when you need to specify a list. If you do need the ID of a list, you can get ‘List ID’ as an output by using the ‘Get a List’ task.

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