Insightly is a web based CRM tool designed to organize your data and get things done more efficiently. From a single user to a busy and growing company, Insightly can be easily tailored to your situation or way of doing business, while boosting your productivity along the way.

Insightly focuses heavily on how contacts, organisation and opportunities are 'linked' by what they have in common and letting you define relationships - such as 'is an employee of' or 'bought a certain product'. In that way it's great for deep customisation and getting exactly the information you want. Of course that also means there are some important ideas to learn. Fortunately,  Insightly publish an excellent concepts guide to help users get the most from the platform.

To make the most of all the activities in Insightly, you can trigger Flow XO on:

  • New Contact
  • New Opportunity
  • New Task

And you can accomplish the following tasks in the Insightly:

  • Search a Contact
  • Search an Organisation
  • Search a Project
  • Search an Opportunity
  • Add, Update, Get or Delete a Contact
  • Add a Note
  • Add, Update, Get or Delete an Opportunity
  • Add, Update, Get or Delete an Organisation
  • Add, Update, Get or Delete a Project
  • Add, Update, Get or Delete a Task

Connecting Your Account

You'll need to retrieve some details from your Insightly account to paste into Flow XO:

save image

save image

You'll then need to click 'Test Connection' to receive the 'Connection succeeded.' message. You can then click 'Next' to continue configuring your Flow XO flow. 


Can I link more than one item to another of the same type in a Flow XO task?

In a single Flow XO task, you’re given the opportunity to make one link of each ‘object’ type – person, organisation opportunity etc. In the Insightly app itself, you can choose to link more than one object of each type.  There's no way to link multiple objects in Flow XO at present.

Any question on using this service we haven't answered?  Contact us!

Known Issues

  • The outputs provided that aren't custom fields – those fields that you add as additional fields under system settings in Insightly – are always fixed. So if we add e.g. an extra email address in the standard contact fields, this won’t be returned as one of the standard outputs – we’ll only ever return the first ‘Work’, ‘Personal’ and ‘Other’ address that you give. If you want to use extra information from Insightly that isn't in the standard output list, you should add additional, custom fields to Insightly so that Flow XO can retrieve the information from them.
  • The new custom field types added in June 2015 (checkbox, number, URL and multi-line text) aren't currently available through Flow XO.  That's because they aren't being returned by the Insightly API.

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