Flow XO's pricing is based on the actual resources you use each month, on a sliding scale. This is different to some platforms that offer either fixed packages, or bill you based on the number of users your chatbots have.

Pricing Details

You can see the details of our pricing model and read some commonly asked billing questions over on our pricing page.


An interaction is any successful (not filtered) trigger of a flow. Usually, in the case of a chatbot, this means when someone presses a button or sends a phrase that starts a flow, you tally up a single interaction.

You are not charged for individual messages, questions, or other actions within the flow. One trigger of a flow, no matter what happens in it, is counted as an interaction.

Triggers that are filtered (so that the flow doesn't run), do not count towards your interactions. This includes broadcasts - if you use a filter on your broadcast (for example to filter out all subscribers who have a certain attribute set) then you'll only be charged for the broadcast interactions that triggered.

If one flow triggers another, then that would count as 2 interactions, as you will have triggered 2 flows.

Bots & Flows

To add more bots, or to expand the functionality of bots by adding more flows, you may need to add extra bots/flows to your account.

You can use your bots/flows allowance to add either a bot or an active flow. Only active flows count towards your limit. So instead of adding extra resources if you run out of bots/flows, you could instead choose to make an existing flow inactive which will then free up resource to add a new flow, or a bot.

Other Paid Plan Benefits

  • Branding Removal: There's no 'Messaging by Flow XO' branding on our widget and web messenger for paid plan users.
  • Super Fast Trigger Interval: Paid plans have a 1 minute trigger interval, free plans are set at 5 minutes. Some triggers are instant, for example receiving messages. For others (such as checking for new email), we need to check for new items periodically. This is where the trigger interval becomes relevant.
  • Better Analytics: Paid plan users can choose any date range or view historic analytics. Free plan users are limited to the current and previous month and fixed time periods.
  • More Persistent Logs: Paid users get to search through interactions (logs) over the past 3 months. Free plan users are limited to 2 weeks of retained logs.
  • Priority Support: Customers on a paid plan will have their questions answered first during busy times.

How We Compare

We've put together some pricing examples to show that not only is Flow XO's pricing fairer and more flexible, it's also much better value than some of our competitors.

Users* Interactions Flow XO Chatfuel ManyChat
5,000 people complete a form through your chatbot 5,000 5,000 $19 $150 $45
10,000 leads generated, 5,000 people chat to sales, and you send a broadcast to 15,000 people 20,000 30,000 $44 $575 $125
40,000 completed forms, 30,000 people sent a marketing sequence, and 3 broadcasts sent to 20,000 users 30,000 130,000 $144 $775 $174

* The number of users is an estimate of the unique users (the same user might receive a broadcast, complete a form, then chat to sales).

The comparison here is based on pricing correct at 26th October 2017.

Advantages of Our Pricing Model

Although some other pricing models can offer a little more predictability, they can cause you to buy resources you don't need, or pay for users who aren't actively using your chatbots.

Flow XO bill based on the resources you need (interactions and bots/flows), where other platforms may allow you to choose from several fixed price plans (tiered pricing), or bill you based on how many users your chatbots have (audience pricing).

Here's a summary of the pros and cons of each:

  Resource Pricing  Tiered Pricing Audience Pricing 
Flexible (scales up and down well)
Incremental (no leaps in monthly price)
Adaptable (to different use cases)
Predictable (easy to calculate)
  • On tiered pricing models, you'll be forced into a potentially large leap up to the next plan at some point. With Flow XO, you incrementally add more resources as you go. No leaps.
  • On pricing models where you pay based on the number of users, or the 'audience' of the chatbot, you'll find that the monthly cost continually grows, as you'll need to pay for every user, regardless of how engaged they are.
  • Again, audience based models fall down when you want to use a chatbot for a temporary campaign or expect an influx of usage in a particular week/month. You'll find that your cost jumps in the busy month and stays there.
  • Finally, audience models inherently mean that your plan will change regularly, automatically, and without you being able to adjust the behaviour of your chatbot to control it.

Fair Billing

If you decide to downgrade your account to the free plan, we'll give you a pro-rata refund to your payment card for the unused part of the month. If you change your subscription and the new price is lower, we'll credit the difference to your next bill.

How to Upgrade

Head over to the profile section of your account and scroll down to 'Plan & Billing' section. Follow the steps to change your plan.

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