Test Console

The test console is a special version of the web messenger that offers a convenient (and free) way to test your flows.

Using the Console

The test console is accessible from the flow editor. Look for the icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Your history will be saved each time you close the console and open it again. To completely reset the console, for example if you want to test how a bot would respond to new users, click the 'Reset' option at the top right to completely reset the console and start again as a fresh user.

Just like the web messenger, when you first open the test console, or just after you reset it, the message 'start' will be sent to it. You can listen for this and welcome the user if you like.

Connecting Flows

The test console is basically a web messenger bot that is always installed and available in your account. So you can work with the test console like you would any other bot.

Any flows that are connected to all bots (the default) will be accessible through the test console.

If you want to test a single flow or combination of flows, you can edit the trigger of the flows that you want to test, and make sure you have the 'Test Console' bot selected to link them to the console.

Billing, Analytics & Interactions

Flows triggered through your test console do not count towards your interactions limit, so you're free to test your flows as much as you need without incurring any costs.

Activity through the test console will not contribute to analytics, but interactions will appear in the interactions log.


As the test console is a web messenger instance, all features will work except Make a Custom Request. Flows that include these actions will need to be tested on the platform that the custom request relates too.

Known Issues

The trigger for attribute updated still counts towards your interactions usage.

Let us know how we can improve Flow XO on our feedback site.

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