FLG is an excellent sales lead management and automation app that is best suited to any company dealing with high volumes of sales leads, particularly in a business-to-consumer capacity. FLG integrates lead distribution, lead management, CRM, flow, marketing automation, email marketing & text message marketing into a single cloud based platform.

With all those things in mind, you can start a Flow XO flow with the following triggers:

  • New Task
  • New Event
  • Lead Action
  • New Lead

The 'Lead Action' trigger is of particular note, as this will allow you to trigger a Flow XO flow anywhere you might use an FLG 'Lead Type Action'. If you're an existing FLG user, that should make perfect sense - otherwise there's a great primer on the  things you can achieve with lead type actions here

The FLG actions that you might use in your flow are:

  • Add, Get or Delete an Activity
  • Add, Update, Get or Delete a Lead
  • Add or Complete a Task / Event 

Connecting Your Account

You'll need to retrieve some details from your FLG account to enter into Flow XO: 

save image

save image

You'll then need to click 'Test Connection' to receive the 'Connection succeeded.' message. You can then click 'Next' to continue configuring your Flow XO flow. 


How do I specify a User that the lead should be assigned to, a Lead Type, or anything else that isn't provided as an input for the ‘Add a Lead’ task?

If you're configuring flow type activity,  it’s probably better handled through your account's lead type actions.

How do I add a note, call, email or letter in the lead’s history?

You can add or get a note, telephone call, text message, reply text message, email, reply email or letter using the ‘Add an Activity’ or ‘Get an Activity’ tasks. Note that this won’t actually send an email or text message, only record the activity on the lead. 

What permissions does the FLG API key that I give to Flow XO need?

You should ensure that the API key that you enter into Flow XO for FLG tasks has all the available permissions selected. You can get your API key in Settings -> Configuration, then ‘Access Keys’. You’ll need to ensure you've selected all the available options:

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Known Issues

  • Note that additional fields with type 'Date' aren't special Flow XO date/time fields, and expect dates in either the format dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd.
  • The 'Lead Action' task is triggered by a webhook, but you don't get the eventdatetime output.  If you need that, consider using a standard webhook instead, or use the value now in any special date/time field instead.
  • When using a raw webhook from FLG, rather than one of Flow XO's pre configured tasks, the outputs are presented in reverse order (upside down). This has no effect on the function of the outputs, and they are sill all there - only in a different order.

Let us know how we can improve Flow XO on our feedback site.

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