Getting Support

We aim to always provide great support to everyone. You can ask our community for support, where you'll get timely help (often by the Flow XO team), or email us for direct answers to your questions.

Here's the full range of support options:

  • Join our community and post your question (it may have already been asked).
  • Visit our Help Center for helpful articles and documentation (you're already here, just use the search box above!).
  • You can email us at Our support hours are currently 9am-5pm PST. Customers on our Standard Plan will have their questions answered first during busy times. Please email us from the email address listed on your account.
  • Connect to us via Flowbot to ask a question.
  • We have some great tutorials and other content to help you get started and learn some of the more advanced concepts.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us