Infusionsoft is a complete sales and marketing automation software for small businesses combining CRM, email marketing, lead capture and e-commerce.

You can trigger your Flow XO flows with the following Infusionsoft tasks:

  • New Company
  • New Contact
  • New Opportunity
  • New Action
  • Contact Tagged
  • Company Tagged
  • New Contact Action
  • New Credit Card Charge
  • New Expense
  • New Invoice
  • New Payment
  • New Subscription

And as part of your integrated Flow XO flow you can use the following actions:

  • Add, Update, Get and Delete a Contact
  • Add, Update, Get and Delete a Company
  • Send an Email
  • Tag a Company or a Contact

Connecting Your Account

Connecting your account is easy - you'll just need to click 'Authorize' in the Flow XO 'Authorize the Service' window when setting up your flow action for the first time, then sign in to your Infusionsoft account in the window that appears (if you're not already signed in) with your normal Infusionsoft account email address and password, then confirm you're happy to connect. You'll be returned to the flow and Infusionsoft will be connected to Flow XO.


Can I send HTML email with the 'Send an Email' action?

Yes - you can either send plain text or just enter your HTML into the 'Message' input.

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Known Issues

  • Infusionsoft do impose some API limits, which they document in their community under the article 'API Throttling and You'. If you are a high volume user and you get an error like 'Maximum number of threads throttled', you should disconnect your account in the Flow XO 'Connections' tab, and reconnect it. 

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