AgileZen is a simple, flexible, and cost-effective web-based software for project management built on ideas from agile, lean, and kanban methodologies.

You can trigger your Flow XO flows with the following AgileZen tasks:

  • New Story
  • New Story Assigned to Me
  • Story Archived

And as part of your integrated Flow XO flow you can use the following actions:

  • Add, Update, Get and Delete a Story
  • Add, Update, Get and Delete a Task
  • Add, Update, Get and Delete a Comment

Connecting Your Account

You'll need to retrieve some details from your AgileZen account in order to connect it to Flow XO:

save image

Then, in Flow XO:

save image


Any question on using this service we haven't answered?  Contact us!

Known Issues

We don't have any known issues at the moment - everything should work just fine :)

Let us know how we can improve Flow XO on our feedback site.

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