Intercom have decided not to approve us for their OAuth program, so this integration is essentially deprecated. It can still be used if you have access to an Intercom API key.

Intercom is one place for every team in an internet business to communicate with customers, personally, at scaleā€”on your website, inside web and mobile apps, and by email.

You can trigger your Flow XO flows with the following Intercom tasks:

  • Lead Added Email
  • Lead Converted to User
  • New Conversation
  • New Event on a User
  • New Lead
  • New Note on a User
  • New Tag on a User
  • New Unsubscription
  • New User

And as part of your integrated Flow XO flow you can use the following actions:

  • Add, Update, Get and Delete a Lead
  • Add, Update, Get and Delete a User
  • Add, Update, Get and Delete a Note
  • Convert a Lead
  • Tag a User
  • Add an Event
  • Send a Message
  • Get and Reply to a Conversation

Connecting Your Account

You'll need to retrieve some details from you Intercom account to provide to Flow XO. In you Intercom account:

save image

Then in Flow XO:

save image

You'll then need to click 'Test Connection' to get the 'Connection succeeded.' message - you can then click 'Next' to continue configuring your Flow XO flow. 


Any question on using this service we haven't answered? Contact us!

Known Issues

  • To use the 'New Tag on User' trigger, you must add the tag manually in your Intercom account, in the 'About' section of the User, rather than from the list view. 

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