Help Scout

Help Scout is a web-based help desk designed for a great customer experience.

You can trigger your Flow XO flows with the following Help Scout tasks:

  • New Customer
  • New Assigned Conversation
  • New Conversation

And as part of your integrated Flow XO flow you can use the following actions:

  • Add, Update and Get a Customer
  • Add a Conversation From Customer
  • Add a Conversation To Customer
  • Update, Get and Delete a Conversation

Connecting Your Account

You'll need to retrieve some details from your Help Scout account:

save image

Then, in Flow XO, when in the 'Authorize the Service' window:

save image

You should then click 'Test Connection' to the get the 'Connection succeeded.' message and you can click 'Next' to continue configuring your Flow XO flow.


Can I delete Help Scout customers as part of a Flow XO flow?

There's no option to delete customers via the Help Scout API. We'll include a delete action for customers if the option becomes available.

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Known Issues

  • You can only access your HelpScout account via the API (through Flow XO) if you have a paid Help Scout account (the free version still allows you to view your API key, but you'll get an error if you try to use it with a free Help Scout account.)

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