FreshBooks is a really useful lightweight accounting package that you can use with your other apps and Flow XO to invoice out at the correct time – for instance Invoicing Pipedrive deals when they enter a certain stage or Insightly opportunities when they are converted from an opportunity to a project. Alternatively, you might want to trigger some activity in your CRM – Like start a project on payment of a FreshBooks invoice.

Flow XO also supports a range of other things you might want to do with FreshBooks.

Trigger Flow XO flows on:

  • New clients being created
  • New invoices or estimates being generated in the FreshBooks account
  • A new payment being allocated to an invoice
  • A new expense being logged

Automate the following tasks:

  • Adding and administering clients
  • Creating and sending invoices and estimates with line item support

Connecting Your Account

You'll need to retrieve some details from your Freshbooks account to paste into Flow XO:

save image

save image

You'll then need to click 'Test Connection' to receive the 'Connection succeeded.' message. You can then click 'Next' to continue configuring your Flow XO flow. 


Can I add more than the 3 line items available in the ‘Create an Invoice’ and 'Create an Estimate' tasks?

Yes, you just need to use the 'Add a Line Item' task as a separate action. Like any other task, you can add as many of these into your flow as you like.

Am I able to create an invoice, but not send it until later?

Yes, you can do this by using the 'Create an Invoice' action and selecting 'Do Not Send' in the 'Auto-Send By' select box. You can then use the 'Send an Invoice' task separately (perhaps after a 'Wait' task, or after a Flow XO Form) to send the invoice you created earlier in the flow. 

Can I filter tasks so that I only invoice at the correct time, to certain clients or only chase overdue invoices?

You'll need to use a combination of Flow XO's 'Wait' tasks or date / time offsets for timing invoices and follow ups correctly. We have a  helpful article explaining how to use dates & times in Flow XO. Soon, we'll have filters in place that will allow you to only chase e.g. unpaid invoices after a period of time, by checking the 'Status' output of an invoice. 

Any question on using this service we haven't answered? Contact us!

Known Issues

  • If you choose to trigger on a new invoice or estimate, or if you get an invoice/estimate, we can currently only return up to 3 line items as outputs.

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