Typeform is a cloud-based service that allows you to build & design beautiful forms, called 'typeforms', that work across many different devices and on many different systems - desktop/laptop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Important: If you're using the Typeform v2 interface, this will not work with this integration. 

As with most form apps, the important thing is dealing with the info that's submitted through a form.

In Flow XO, you can trigger a workflow on:

  • New Entry

Connecting Your Account

The first time you use Typeform in a workflow, you'll be asked to connect your account. To do this, you'll need your Typeform API key.

To get your API key in Typeform, then click your username (top right), choose 'My account', and you'll find your API key on the first page you come to:

save image

save image

You'll then need to click 'Test Connection' to receive the 'Connection succeeded.' message. You can then click 'Next' to continue configuring your Flow XO workflow. 


How are custom fields given as outputs - for instance how is '5 Stars' given as an output from the form submission into Flow XO?

We've tried to take the simplest approach with our outputs - so you'll find that a visual input like '5 Stars' translates to an output of '5', and anywhere you can give multiple selections - like 'Tick all of the following that apply' - will give you a comma separated list of answers, such as 'Option1, Option3'. Text submissions - including Yes / No - will always output as a text string.

What happens if I use the 'File' upload as a Typeform input?

Flow XO doesn't currently support the processing of files, such as MP3, DOC or RAW - but we'll return a URL as an output to where the file is hosted online, so you can use the URL in your workflow to reference the hosted file's location. This might be useful if you'd like to pass the file's URL into your CRM so that it's clickable to retrieve the file on the client's record.

When you trigger with a form that has a file submission option, you'll be given an output that looks like this: 'https://api.typeform.com/v0/form/bFy5Ey/fields/6209127/blob/1f2959ba87c6-chevron_up_navy_small.png'. We've actually truncated this URL in Flow XO - the full output has your API key on the end. We didn't return that for security purposes, but you can add it to the end manually, like so: 'https://api.typeform.com/v0/form/bFy5Ey/fields/6209127/blob/1f2959ba87c6-chevron_up_navy_small.png?key=abc123'.

Do I get form meta data returned as an output to use in my workflow?

Yes - this will be returned at the head of the data fields that are in your form as outputs. You'll have nine additional outputs: ID, Token, Browser, Platform, Date Landed, Date Submitted, User Agent, Referrer and Network ID.

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Known Issues

  • Typeform support 'hidden fields' which allow you to pass data directly from your Typeform URL into the form-specific results table without asking your respondent. Currently, these details aren't retrievable from the Typeform API so you won't see them as outputs. You should retrieve this information from your account directly.

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