Configuring your WhatsApp account with Wati

In Flow XO you can configure WhatsApp bots with two different providers as explained here

When you select the New bot option with the WhatsApp logo, like below, Flow XO uses an integration with its partner Wati:

Before you can set up your bot in Flow XO, you will need to configure your WhatsApp account with Wati. In order to do this, you will need:

  • Your WhatsApp (FaceBook) Business ID and credentials. If you do not already have a Facebook Business Manager account, follow the instructions here to create one.
  • A  mobile number to use with WhatsApp. Please note the following:
    • It doesn't have to be a number on a physical phone, it could be for example a Twilio number. However you will need to ensure that you can receive SMS messages during the application process so if you are using a Twilio number make sure you use a Twillio workflow or a Flow XO flow to forward texts to an actual handset so you can complete the registration. 
    • Although there is currently no limitation as to how many numbers a business can have on WhatsApp, the numbers are tied to the underlying WhatsApp Business Partner, in this case Wati. You can, however, de-register a number if was used for WhatsApp Business but not WhatsApp Business API, the process is explained here.
    • The number you intend to use for WhatsApp API with Wati can not be used on the regular WhatsApp application, otherwise it can not be set up for WhatsApp API.
    • See Wati's instructions on supported phone numbers here.

In order to configure your WhatsApp account with Wati, 

1. Visit this page and click on 'Get Started'

2. On the next page, select your plan of choice and a code if you have one. In the 'Product Type' options, select 'WhatsApp API Gateway'. Then click on 'Proceed to next step'.

3. On the next page, enter your information and the business information. Be sure to enter the information matching your Facebook Business ID, so it matches during the registration process.

4. In the next page, proceed with payment for your Wati subscription.

5. On the next page, you can now start the creation of your WhatsApp Business Account via Wati. 

When you click on 'Continue with Facebook', you will be prompted to log in to your Facebook Business Account.

6. In your Facebook Business Account settings, navigate to 'Requests' where you will find an Access Request from Click on 'Approve' to approve this request. 

The process is also explained in this video.

7. In your Facebook Business Account settings, navigate to 'Security Center', where you will find a section for 'Business Verification'. Click on 'Start Verification':

Fill in sections 1, 2 and 3 of the form with your business details and proceed with the verification in sections 4 and 5:

Once you complete the verification, the Verification process has been initiated with Facebook wich usually takes around 3 business days.

The process is also explained in this video.

8. Once the verification has been completed by Facebook, Wati will contact you for an SMS verification. 

As soon as Wati confirms that your account is set up, you have all the details necessary to set up your WhatsApp bot in Flow XO using your Wati account details. You will receive an e-mail from them that looks like this:

Once you have received the email, the video below explains how to configure your bot using the information you received:

Also below you can find detailed instructions for the same:

You will need this information from the email to connect Flow XO to your WATI account.

1. Endpoint URL
2. Username
3. Password
4. Template message namespace

Once you have received this email, log in to Flow XO, navigate to the Bots tab, and click New. Choose "Whats App":

You should then fill in each field from the data in your WATI welcome e-mail:

Once you enter in your information, click Next and then Done.

Your bot is now ready to use. To try it out, open WhatsApp on your phone or desktop and send a message to the WhatsApp number you registered with WATI. If you forgot the number, it will be listed on the welcome e-mail:

And that's all there is to it! Feel free to reach out to our friendly support team at if you have any questions or feedback.

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