Web Widget

The Flow XO widget allows you to promote bots on any web page, making it easy for the visitor to see which messaging platforms they can connect to you on.

Here's what the widget looks like:

You can see the widget in action on Flow XO's own site.

Creating a Widget

Once you have one or more bots connected to Flow XO, click the Create Widget button in the Bots section.

You can select one connected bot per platform to display on the widget (i.e. one Messenger bot, one SMS bot, etc.).

There's also the option to customize the widget's theme color (the color of the button itself) and the popup message (more about this below).

Once you've customized your widget, click the Get Code button to get the code you need to embed your widget onto any web page. You need to paste the code into your page right before the closing </body> tag.

Note that once you've built your widget, if you want to change it, you'll need to create a new widget and paste the new code into your web page. The widget won't update itself once installed.

Popup Message

This is a message that will 'pop-up' a few seconds after the widget has loaded up to call attention to it. Once a user has seen the message once, they won't see it again until 30 days later (otherwise it could be intrusive).

Using emojis in your popup message is a great way to make the message stand out. You can use any of the emoji shortcodes (such as :smile: or :thumbsup:) to use them.

Removing Branding

All users on our paid plan can remove the branding from the widget. You can see the branding and link to Flow XO on the image at the top of this page.

Branding will automatically be removed when you create widgets after upgrading to a paid plan.

Note that if you create a widget on the free plan and then subsequently upgrade, you'll need to come back and create a new widget for the branding to be removed.

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