ClickSend is a cloud-based service that lets you send and receive SMS, email and voice worldwide.  

For the purposes of working inside a Flow XO flow, we'll be using ClickSend's SMS features as part of an automated sales and marketing flow.

You'll be able to trigger on: 

  • New SMS

And as an action you can:

  • Send an SMS

Connecting Your Account

The first time you use ClickSend in a flow, you'll be asked to connect your account.

Authorizing ClickSend is straightforward - inside ClickSend, go to 'Settings' then click 'Manage Subaccounts':

save image

On the next screen I can copy my API key ready to paste into Flow XO:

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Once your details have been accepted, you should see something like this:

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You can now click 'Next' to continue configuring your flow. 

For the 'New SMS' trigger you'll need to set up a webhook:

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After clicking ‘Post test reply’, you can return to Flow XO and you’ll see that your webhook from ClickSend has now been received: